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Cave Title / Author / Reference / Published / Publication / Publisher
Walcombe Valley Collapse Mendip : the complete caves and a view of the hills.. Barrington, Nicholas and Stanton, William. p.169 1977 . Cheddar : Barton Productions with Cheddar Valley Press, 236pp, illus, maps
Giant's Cave Balcony South West Climbs. Littlejohn, Pat. 41-42 1991 . London: Diadem 288pp 2nd ed.
Giant's Cave Balcony Avon and Cheddar [climbing guide]. Crocker, Martin. 142, 151-152, 155 topo, photo opp. 129 1992 . The Climbers' Club 1st ed.
Alco Hole Mendip News. West Mendip News [7m long mine working on Banwell Hill]. Witcombe, Richard G.. (195)10(Apr/May) 2007 Descent.
Alco Hole Who Was Aveline Anyway? [Derivation of the cave name p. 4]. Witcombe, Richard G. [2nd. Ed] 212pp.illus. 2008 . WCC
Giant's Cave Balcony (Bristol) Somerset Underground Volume 1. Taviner, Robin M.. 56 2019 . MCRA 276pp, maps, illus