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Cave Title / Author / Reference / Published / Publication / Publisher
Culdesac Pot Fairy Cave Quarry: a study of the caves.. Price, Graham [ed]. (1)72pp(Aug), maps, illus, figs, surveys. 1977 Cer SS Occ Pub.
Culdesac Pot Fairy Cave Quarry.. Anon. (4)19-26 1972 PPCC Jnl.
Culdesac Pot Fairy Cave Quarry 1971-1973. Chipchase, Nicholas R.. 13(151)5-8(Feb) 1974 WCC Jnl.
Culdesac Pot A chronological list of events at Fairy Cave Quarry since the last newsletter.... [Chipchase, Nicholas R.]. 6(29)4-5(Summer) 1972 Cer SS Ntr.
Culdesac Pot Culdesac Pot - a brief description. [Chipchase, Nicholas R.]. 6(29)8(Summer) 1972 Cer SS Ntr.
Culdesac Pot Withyhill Notes - Additional Notes On Flooding Effects. Anon. 6(31)3(Spring) 1973 Cer SS Ntr.
Culdesac Pot Quarry Notes. Anon. 6(37)8(Autumn) 1974 Cer SS Ntr.
Culdesac Pot Mendip : the complete caves and a view of the hills.. Barrington, Nicholas and Stanton, William. p.75 1977 . Cheddar : Barton Productions with Cheddar Valley Press, 236pp, illus, maps
Culdesac Pot Who Was Aveline Anyway? [Derivation of the cave name p. 51]. Witcombe, Richard G. [2nd. Ed] 212pp.illus. 2008 . WCC