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Cave Title / Author / Reference / Published / Publication / Publisher
Gnome Rift Gnome Rift and Elf Crack - Fairy Cave Quarry and other quarry happenings.. Price, Graham. 9(4)144-148(July/Aug), map, surveys 1979 Cer SS Ntr.
Gnome Rift Who Was Aveline Anyway? [Derivation of the cave name p. 80]. Witcombe, Richard G. [2nd. Ed] 212pp.illus. 2008 . WCC
Gnome Rift Mendip Underground. A Caver's Guide [5th ed]. Gray, Alan, Taviner, Rob & Witcombe, Richard. p. 49 2013 . Somerset : Mendip Cave Registry & Archive, 5th ed., 485pp, maps, illus, surveys