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Saville Row Shafts [inc. Shaft 120] Another group of mines found just inside the wood on the other side. 1st 75ft deep. 2nd 55ft deep. 3rd 30ft deep [26 Feb]. Swarebrick, T.G.. (05), 18-20 1950 Sidcot School Speleological Society Logbook No. 5.
Saville Row Shafts Report on investigations of mineshafts on Sandford Hill.. Stewart, Peter A.E.. (46/47)29-33(1955/1956), survey 1956 MNRC Rep.
Saville Row Shafts Two unnamed shafts + Whispering Gallery + Shaft 120 named as Saville Row. [15 Mar]. Jenkins D.. (Sandford Survey Notes), 15-18, Survey 1959 Sidcot School Speleological Society Sandford Survey Notes.
Saville Row Shafts, Sandford Hill From the Hillgrove and Eastwater Logs. Anon. 12(141)89(Jun) 1972 WCC Jnl.
Saville Row Shafts Of Caves, Mines & Legendary Gulfs (Recent SMCC work on Sandford Hill). Waters, Ed. 12(1)8-16(Spr), illus, map, survey 2007 SMCC Jnl.
Saville Row Shafts Who Was Aveline Anyway? [Derivation of the cave name p. 157]. Witcombe, Richard G. [2nd. Ed] 212pp.illus. 2008 . WCC
Saville Row Shafts Earth Colours - Mendip & Bristol Ochre Mining. Clarke, Marie & Gregory, Neville & Gray, Alan. p. 158 2012 . MCRA, 292pp, illus, photo, survey
Saville Row Mendip Underground. A Caver's Guide [5th ed]. Gray, Alan, Taviner, Rob & Witcombe, Richard. p.230-231, 306 2013 . Somerset : Mendip Cave Registry & Archive, 5th ed., 485pp, maps, illus, surveys